Purple Parijat

Square Tote in Hand Block


This elegant Tote Bag is perfect for a shopping day, a day out with friends or a movie date. Made with hand block printed cotton fabric, it is extremely comfortable and light to carry.

  • Two main compartments
  • Interior has one zipper pocket
  • Cotton lining

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This Square Tote in Hand Block for women is made with hand block printed cotton fabric. The tote has two main compartments with zipper closure and one inner zipper pocket. The inner lining is made of cotton fabric. It is large enough to carry all your essentials from charger to your protein bars and easily carry weight up to 10kgs.

Hand block printing is an age old technique used to make beautiful colourful fabrics. The fabric is made using carved blocks of wood. The artisan covers the block in dye and presses it on the fabric along its length multiple times to create patterns. If there is more than one colour in a pattern, different blocks are made for each colour.

This craft is practised in Gujarat, Rajasthan and some parts of Madhya Pradesh and Orissa. Different regions have different patterns and natural colours that are used for making fabrics. The fabric used in this particular bag is from Kutch in Gujarat.

Dimensions15.00 × 3.00 × 13.50 in
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